You could save £££s on your energy bills with the Community Energy Scheme too. Here are some of our success stories.

Community Energy Scheme

Mrs Blundred of Blurton was nervous when joining the Community Energy Scheme as it was an altogether new process for her. “I hadn’t switched energy supplier for a very long time, so I was a bit nervous. Because of this though I was on a very high rate for my gas and electricity, so the time was right to make a change. When I saw that I could save £300 a year I was amazed so had to go for it.

Once the switch was underway, she was happy to see everything go smoothly.

“It was so simple as the Community Energy Scheme team did all of the work.”

As a winner of £200, she is very happy that she made the switch. “With winter coming up it’ll be such a great help. To have that credit before the first bill takes the pressure off.”

Community Energy Scheme

Mrs Keen joined the Community Energy Scheme, following in the footsteps of other members of her family. She doesn’t regret it now. She has her solar panels installed so she can start making some of the savings that attracted her in the first place.

“The solar installation went ahead with no worries at all and the engineers took the time to make sure I understood how they work.”

Winning £200 was a big surprise, but one that will make the difference. “I have never won anything in my life! It means a lot.”

Community Energy Scheme

Mr & Mrs Cragg had been on a list for another solar panel scheme, but decided to join the Community Energy Scheme instead.

They were happy they did. On top of the £300 savings per year, they were lucky enough to win the £200 prize draw too.

“It’s fantastic” beams Mr Cragg. “I have never won anything in my 67 years so I am really pleased”.

The Craggs, of Joiners Square, were also delighted with the overall service. After an easy switch over, they were particularly impressed with the solar installation.

“We didn’t even know they were here!”

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